Three Seeds Under

searching for wholeness in a fractured world

Welcome to Three Seeds Under

Just as Persephone returns to the underworld every winter as a price for the three pomegranate seeds she ate, so too do I return again and again to that dark, fallow landscape where lethargy washes over me and all hope seems dim. I’ve struggled with clinical depression since childhood. However, Persephone’s story has taught me to trust that I, too, will rise again from the winter of depression with with each symbolic spring. I created this site to share what I’ve learned from my wanderings below in the hopes that it might help others learn to find their way through the darkness.

Tarot cards have been a constant companion on my journey since I bought my first deck in middle school and hid it in my room, away from my mother’s disapproving eyes! After reading the cards for over 18 years, I have a knack for teasing out the stories that tell. I offer readings online or in person, if you are in Seattle.

Pomegranate Seeds

Searching for wholeness in a fractured world

The word integrity comes from the Latin integer, meaning “whole” or “complete.” When we live with integrity, we live as our whole selves, not our fractured selves. I created this blog to celebrate the things that have helped me to find my center when I inevitably veer off course and to remind me of light when I find myself again surrounded by darkness. Books are on that list, of course, as is my writing. But so too are many movies and songs, bits of philosophy, creativity, spirituality, and what I like to call the Ars Vitae (Latin for Art of Life) — all those little habits that help to draw out the joy in life. As John Crowley said in Little Big, “The things that make us happy make us wise.” I can’t claim wisdom, but I’m searching for it, just as I’m searching for ways to live with more integrity.

If you are also on this journey, I invite you to share my path for awhile.